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The following extract was extracted from the from The F.A. Coaches Journal :

Please Mum and Dad:

Give me the time and opportunity to make my own decisions both on and off the field - I need to learn the consequences of getting it right, and wrong.

Try not to tell me off or shout at me from the sidelines when I do get things wrong. Give me the chance to relax and play - I need the mistakes to help me learn.

Try not to keep offering me advice going to matches or coming home again. Let me unwind and reflect - it helps me learn.

Listen to me if I come home with a problem - sometimes I just need someone to talk to - it helps me learn.

Remember I am a young person not a small adult - sometimes I don't see things like you do or understand what it is you are saying.

Come and enjoy the game - I'll always try my best.

Please love me for me - not just the things I can do.

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